Visiting Agrópolis: the future Agri-PV demo plant in Barcelona

The demo plant in Agrópolis will be an Agri-PV system constituted by fresh vegetables cultivation (tomatoes, onions, beans, lettuce) and overhead single axis tracker PV strings. The demo plant will have two scenarios: two distinguished plots where PV strings differ per elevation from the ground and spatial layout. A third plot will be the reference scenario.

ENGIE – with site Leader James Macdonald – will coordinate the works of the demo plant construction at UPC premises. James will be supported by Valmont Solar for the structural part of the tracker system, and by UPC for the monitoring of the agronomic aspects. The monitoring of plants vigour will be analysed by a robot regularly running in-between the vegetables rows, and prototyped by UPC.

Other news

Second General Assembly

On January 24th an intensive and productive afternoon was concluded in Barcelona, hosted by Parque UPC – Agrópolis – Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. During the