Demo cases

Demo drivers

Open agri-PV


Apple orchard

In Ora/Auer, Region South Tyrol

Intensive agriculture landscape with apple orchards in Guyot form,  covered by  trackers installed on a suspended structure with cables – flat alluvial plain in the bottom of the Adige valley


Pear orchard

In Bierbeek, Region Flanders

Extensive agriculture landscape with pear orchards in Guyot form  covered by semi-transparent modules installed by KUL on the existing hail nets structures | hilly landscape with open arable fields and forest patches east of Brussels


Lemon orchard

in Scalea, Region Calabria 

Intensive agriculture landscape with lemon orchard in tradiational form covered with Convert trackers installed by EF Solare and Le Greenhouse – coastal flat alluvial plain at the mouth of river Lao

Closed agri-PV

The Netherlands

Raspberry and strawberry crops

A mix of various configurations of different PV modules and structures were installed over raspberry and strawberry crops, by ENGIE. The system also considers recirculation of drain water and rainwater collection.

Project demos

Open agri-PV


Apple orchard for the future

In Bolzano

Multifunctional trackers for an apple orchard that can integrate irrigation, antifreeze, hail, and insect protection. The demo uses a “Guyot” system with a N-S orientation. 

Citrus from Scalea

In Scalea

Innovative citrus orchard solution that can integrate irrigation and hail protection systems together with agronometer and insect detection systems. Ensuring at the same time the use of energy directly in situ thanks to the production and storage of photovoltaic electricity with a stand-alone configuration.



In Barcelona Province

Semi-automatic PV devices for the vegetable crops (tomatoes, melon, lettuce, and fava beans) that can integrate bird and insect protection, resistant to chemical products. The devices are optimised for the various cultures and made of different materials (wood and steel). For the monitoring of weather data will be designed and develop an automated robot.

Closed agri-PV

The Netherlands

Greenhouse Agri-PV for tomatoes

Retrofit of existing greenhouse fully equipped with sensors to correlate tomatoes yield with incident light depending on presence of uncoated and coated PV modules.

The solution will design a specific PV panels and agri-PV modules, optimazing the use of materials and integration in landscape.